Long live all the magic we made 

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Blue Ivy reacting to seeing herself on the screen during Beyonce’s VMA performance.

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because i’m HELLA excited for 1989 AND i’m turning 18 right before it comes out, I’M HAVING A GIVEAWAY!!!

there will be four winners (all winners will be chosen at random):

  1. one will win one of the t-shirt CD packages above*
  2. one will win the 1989 white seagull circle tee (above) and a deluxe copy of the album**
  3. the other two will win a physical deluxe copy of the album and the shake it off single CD (above)***

*the shirt will ship right away, and the CD will ship on October 27th. the winner chooses which one he/she gets.

**you may choose to get either a digital or physical copy (if you are not in the US, i have to send a physical copy because i cannot gift internationally on iTunes)

***i will ship both when the album comes out on October 27th


  • reblog this post as many times as you want. you can like for bookmarking, but likes do not count as an entry.
  • no giveaway blogs, please.
  • winners will be chosen randomly by an online name picker.
  • if you are chosen, you have to be comfortable giving me your address so i can ship the items to you.
  • i will ship internationally (see above).
  • you can reblog this until October 18th (my birthday!) at 8:29 PM (that’s 1989 in standard time)!
  • winners will be notified October 20th! after that, i will order everything and start the shipping process.
  • lastly, you must be following me to enter. if you aren’t, you will be disqualified.


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i make the moves up as i go

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I would pay to find out what they were talking about

taylorswift please enlighten us :)